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Low Voltage Landscape Lighting vs. Solar Lighting:
Why We Choose Low Voltage

Occasionally clients ask why, when given the choice between solar lights and low voltage led lights, we choose to install low voltage lighting systems exclusively. The quick answer is, low voltage systems far outperform solar systems in a number of areas.

We believe that our homeowners deserve a quality product that will last for years to come. We find that the construction of solar fixtures doesn’t measure up to the standards we hold for our clients: hold a solar fixture next to our weather sealed brass fixtures and you’ll immediately see the difference in quality. Production material, weight, durability, ability to withstand sun and rain long-term, and internal assembly all play a role in the quality of a lighting fixture, and we believe in only supplying the best products to our homeowners. If we cannot, in good faith, provide our full lifetime warranty on a fixture, we will not sell it: simple as that.¬†

Solar fixtures are also capable of far less light output than led fixtures, and are inconsistent in their output. While the average solar fixture produces 1 lumen of light, a 3 watt LED low voltage light produces 350-400 times more lumens and doesn’t vary in its output based on weather conditions. This means our homeowners have¬†reliable, beautiful light available all night, regardless of weather and existing shade present in their landscaping.

Finally, low voltage systems are highly customizable for color, brightness, and automation, with our most exclusive systems even offering Smart capabilities such as app integration. These features provide our homeowners with design options that are unmatched by solar, allowing them to have full control over the aesthetic of their final design.

If superior construction, system longevity, reliability, and overall aesthetic are qualities you look for in your lighting installation, low voltage led systems are your best choice.

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