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In Depth: Our Installation & Warranty Process

We believe in providing a simple, stress-free proposal and installation process that offers easy client communication and ¬†custom design services for each of our homeowners. Here’s what to expect when you reach out to our team:


Initial Communication

The first step in our installation process begins with client communication. We value our clients' vision for their property and look forward to discussing custom lighting requests and preferences during our initial consultation. We love to accomplish this during a walk-through of your property, however phone and zoom consultations are also welcomed if preferred by the homeowner. During this time we will collect important details about your vision for your landscape lighting, including desired aesthetic and property information. This is also a great time to let us know if you have a special focus for your project, such as a water feature you'd like to highlight or an outdoor kitchen you'd like to make more entertainment-friendly in the evenings. Clients with particular deadlines for project installation are also encouraged to share their timelines during this initial communication: from outdoor party preparations to pre-listing home renovations, we are happy to accommodate even the most stringent of installation schedules.


For clients who prefer to complete their initial consultation by phone or video, a property walk-through is the next step in our process. This allows our lead designer to finalize plans for wire placement, ensure all fixtures are the appropriate wattage to accomplish the homeowner's vision, and anticipate any custom adjustments needed to complete our seamless installation process. This is also a great time to ask questions and consider all available fixture options. Whether you are looking for custom colors, scrollwork, fixtures that create dynamic patterns of shadow and light, or estate-sized statement fixtures, we can source specialty lighting options that satisfy even the most artistic visions for our homeowners. Turtle-safe lighting is also available for homeowners in coastal areas.


At the conclusion of the walk-through, our lead designer creates a final proposal for the project. This includes pricing for all fixtures, transformers, timers, and installation. All costs for the project investment are discussed in detail at this time, allowing the homeowner to make any final adjustments in the design plan. Once approved, a 50% deposit is collected and an installation date is scheduled.


On the day of installation, our team arrives to install and securely connect each fixture. We take care to ensure all wires are hidden or discreet, all fixtures are properly angled to maximize desired affect, and all bulbs are operational and secure. The length of your install will vary based on the number and location of fixtures. Our lead installer will discuss the expected installation timeline with you prior to arrival, and will notify you of any changes due to inclement weather. A final walk-through with the homeowner at the conclusion of our installation process is our time to showcase our work and ensure each completed project exceeds client expectations. This is a great time for any remaining questions as well! Your final balance will be due at the conclusion of this walk-through.

Warranty & Annual Maintenance Plan

Each completed installation is covered by our warranty, which is presented in our homeowner packet along with a final invoice upon completion. All of our fixtures come with a lifetime warranty, which is also transferrable to new homeowners in the event you sell your property at any time in the future.

Our Annual Maintenance Plan supports the warranty by ensuring each fixture remains functional and beautiful for years to come. This is a great way to ensure your investment remains looking its best for the life of your system! Expected wear and tear from lawn maintenance, weather, and average use is addressed at this time: our maintenance team corrects exposed wires, plant overgrowth, re-directed fixtures, etc., leaving your lighting installation looking just as it did the first day it was installed.

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